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Chimera Genesis
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About North Games, LLC

North Games, LLC is a small video game company based in Minneapolis, MN

picture of shanti

Shanti Pothapragada


Shanti is the founder and lead developer of the company North Games, LLC, which is currently in production on Chimera Genesis. Previously, he worked on the MMORPG Neverwinter.

picture of danika

Danika Ragnihild

Project Manager

Danika is the co-owner of the game development company North Games, LLC. She is the Project Manager and Audio Producer of their current project, Chimera Genesis.

picture of anne

Anne Wagner


Anne is the founder of digital art and code asset company Water Horse Interactive and the artist at North Games, LLC. She is currently creating art for Chimera Genesis, a cooperative multiplayer platform game.


picture of martha

Martha Megarry


Martha is designing and coding the menu systems and user interface for Chimera Genesis. She also made this website. You can find her portfolio of code on her website here: You can follow her on Twitter here: @MarthaMegarry

picture of marty

Martin Grider


Martin is working on enemy AI for Chimera Genesis. He is also a mobile game designer and developer. You can find more of his work at, and on his blog Follow him on twitter @livingtech. His favorite limb is the squid leg.